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Breakfast everyone enjoys

so you can enjoy each other

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You shouldn't have to compromise nutrition to give your family a breakfast they LOVE.

Are you frustrated in trying to meet your family’s dietary needs and preferences in a way you can ALL enjoy?  

As a father of young children it was my concern too, and the problem was compounded by a gluten intolerance I had developed.  So, I combined my Biology degree with culinary education to create a superfood gourmet pancake and waffle mix that families LOVE!


At Vida we've carefully crafted both REGULAR and GLUTEN FREE versions of pancake and waffle mix for your family.  They are packed with whole grains, flaxseed AND great flavor.  Now, knowing great nutrition is included, you can relax and enjoy making memories around the breakfast table.

Ready to give your family the best breakfast?

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"I love the quality ingredients that go into the pancake mix!  I love the ease when I make them at home!  Unlike most commercial brand pancake mixes, I know and trust that Vida mix is the best quality and fresh.  The taste is far above and beyond any other mix I’ve ever tried!"

Tawny N

Pancakes for the greater good

In 1996 Vida founder Alastair Rundle (center) moved from England to inner city Los Angeles with a desire to help vulnerable youth.  He discovered two crippling truths that are devastating U.S. cities: Fatherlessness and Malnutrition.  In 2016 he began building a company to address these twin pandemics.

Vida intentionally mentors young adults from broken backgrounds and reengineers familiar foods to bring you a healthy, superfood pancake and waffle mix that delivers maximum nutrition and the best taste.  Enjoy!

To find out more about the Vida Gourmet Pancake Truck, which is the primary mentoring environment, click here: